About the Artist

A N F has been working with generative systems since 2005 and has exhibited around the world in museums, art centers and galleries, most notably at NYC media center, SECCA (South-Eastern US Center for Contemporary Art), DAM Digital Art Museum Berlin and Rua Red Art Center Dublin. His work has been published in several books, including Generative Design I and II, Digital Art, FRAME Magazine, Data Flow I and II.

About the Artworks

The Infinite Void artworks are created using custom generative algorithms which are constantly making minute adjustments of their parameters. This leads to an unpredictable result each time the algorithms are being run, making each drawing unique. Each of the components are constantly shifting in color, position and transparency, which results in a complex layered blending of textures.

The Edition

  • 1024 unique animated generative artworks
  • 1024 × 1024
  • 10s Quicktime mp4 video loop
  • Stored on IPFS

About the Audio

The artworks have a custom sound design for each Void type, which was created by Nikolai von Sallwitz, an award winning Berlin and Hamburg based composer, musician and Sound Architect.

Artwork Categories

The artworks have been divided into 10 categories starting with 1 (one) artwork in the most rare category, then doubling each step up to reach 512 artworks with the most common type. The last category type 000, which will be minted to complete the 1024, but not sold.

IV 512

Loose, flowing texture with full spectrum colours on an off-white background.

IV 256

A step up in complexity from IV 512, the first divisions in the lines appear.
A full spectrum colours on light gray.

IV 128

Luminous colours mixed with more muted gray tones.
Overall softer textures with some line pooling. Larger scale in texture scale across artworks.

IV 064

The successor of the Chroma type from the Infinite Halo collection.
Saturation is uniform across all base colours and artworks.

IV 032

More intense colour saturation on a black background.
Full spectrum of tones, with visible line demarcation.

IV 016

UV light colours on a dark background with a wide range of textures and composition scale.

IV 008

Chaotic compositions with a full range of coulours mixed with grays on a black background.
Intense separation and pooling of lines at different scales.

IV 004

Pale tones on a very dark background.
The lines are thin and delicate.

IV 002

Hyper saturated tones on a very dark background.
The texture and amount of lines are very minimal.

IV 001

Hyper saturated tones on a very dark background.
The texture and amount of lines are very complex.